Friday, October 14, 2011

From Cairo to the Pyramids - 1905

Country: France
Director: unknown
Producer: Pathé
Original title: Du Caire aux Pyramides
Pathé's 'Du Caire aux Pyramides' showcases the traditional sites visited by travellers on Cook's Tours and in Baedeker guidebook trails. This proto-travelogue perpetuates the 19th-century view of Egypt as a theme park for Western tourists, the local people playing only a supporting role in the traveller's experience of this ancient land.
Views include the bridge of Kassir-el-Nil, the Sphinx, the Giza pyramids approached by train, and the Nile.
Screened at 2010 Pordenone Silent Film Festival as part of 'Early Cinema -- Corrick Collection 4 -- Program 1

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